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Времена в английском языке - Шмелев В.М.

Шмелев В.М. Времена в английском языке — Казань, 2000. — 148 c.
ISBN 5-7579-0386-4
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Упр.10. Почему в следующих предложениях глагол-сказуемое стоит в Past Simple?
1Л met her on Tuesday. 2.He shut the shop at 6.30. З.Не left the house at 9.00. 4.1 lied down after lunch. 5.They set out early enough. 6.1 bought a new house last year. 7.Ann went to Canada six years ago. 8.1 studied English in school. 9. Your brother left his bag of film on the ferryboat. 10.1 grew up in that house. 1 l.We had a good time at the aquarium. 12.1 called my parents from the airport. 13.1 met Paul at the University. We were both in the same year. 14.Shakespeare wrote a lot of plays. 15.Servantes wrote Don Quixote. 16.He heard Shalyapin in the USA. 17.Chopin composed some of his music in Majorca. 18.When did you come here? 19.Where did you buy that book? 20.Why did you put these things in the wrong place?
21.Did you go home?- I did, but everything is OK. 22.When did you start your business? 23.When did his wife die? 24.Why did you stop working? 25.Where did you leave your key? 26.Have they done their homework?- Yes, they did it before they left school. 27.Have they been through Customs?- Yes, their luggage was examined at Dover. 28.Have you paid the bill?- Yes, I paid it while you were away.
29.Has your dog ever bitten anyone?- Yes, he bit a policeman last week. 30.Have you ever drunk vodka?- Yes, I drunk it once in Russia. 3l.Has he written to the paper?- Yes, he wrote at once. 32.Have you ever flown the plane?- Yes, I flew when
I was at University. 33.He lived in London for years and then went to Edinburgh.
34.Did you wear your hair long when you were at school?- Yes, my mother insisted on it. 35.1 flew over Loch Ness last week. - Did you see the Loch Ness monster? 36.1 read his books when I was at school. I enjoyed them very much.
37.Before Harry left the restaurant, Susan learned something about his life. 38.We had a good day. Robby pulled a boy out of the water. 39.1 went to work by bus. 40.She made cakes every day. 41.He understood me. 42.She read a chapter every night. 43.Tom sang in the choir. 44. Who knew the answer? 45.He took the dog out twice a day. 46.He cried when he was hurt. 47.These dogs fought whenever they met. 48.1 thought he was right. 49.lt smelled bad. 50.We heard a terrible noise. 51 .When I last saw her she was a baby.
Упр.11. Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в форме Past Simple или Past Progressive.
1. Peter and Ann (decide) to redecorate their sitting-room themselves.
2. They (choose) cream paint for the woodwork and apricot for the walls.
3. When John (look) in to see how they (get) on, Ann (mix) the paint, and Peter (wash) down the walls.
4. They (be) glad to see John and (ask) if he (do) anything special that day.
5. He hastily (reply) he (go) to the theatre and (go) away at once, because he (know) they (look) for someone to help them.
6. They (begin) painting, but (find) the walls (be) too wet.
7. While they (wait) for the walls to dry, Ann (remember) she (have) a phone call to make.
8. Peter (start) painting while she (telephone), and (do) a whole wall before Ann (come) back.
9. He (grumble) that she always (telephone).
10. Ann (report) that Peter always (complain).
11. They (work) in silence for some time.
12. Just as they (start) the third wall, the doorbell (ring).
13. It (be) a friend of Peter’s who (want) to know if Peter (play) golf the following weekend.
14. He (stay) talking to Peter in the hall while Ann (go) on painting.
15. At last he (leave).
16. Peter (return), expecting Ann to say something about friends who (come) and (waste) valuable time talking about golf.
17. But Ann nobly (say) nothing.
18. Then Peter (think) he would do the ceiling.
19. He just (climb) the step-ladder when the doorbell (ring) again.
20. Ann (say) she (get) tired of interruptions but (go) and (open) the door.
21. It (be) the postman with a letter from her aunt Mary, saying she (come) to spend the weekend with them and (arrive) that evening at 6.30.
Упр.12. Переведите следующие предложения на английский язык, поставив глагол-сказуемое в форме Past Simple или Past Progressive
1. Я шел по Пиккадилли, когда понял, что мужчина с рыжеватой бородой, которого я уже видел три раза за этот день, шел за мной. 2. Чтобы убедиться (в этом), я пошел быстрее, повернулся направо, затем налево и внезапно остановился у окна магазина. 3. Через несколько минут мужчина с бородой появился и остановился у другого окна магазина. 4. Я пошел дальше.
5. Всякий раз когда я останавливался, останавливался и он, как только я оглядывался назад, он был там. 6. Он выглядел очень представительно и на нем была совершенно обычная одежда, и мне было интересно (узнать), не полицейский ли он, или же частный сыщик. 7. Я решил избавиться от него.
8. Прямо около меня на остановке стоял автобус № 74. 9. Потом спустился _ кондуктор и позвонил; как только автобус стал отходить, я впрыгнул в него.
10. Мужчина с бородой не успел на этот автобус, но сел на другой 74-й, который шел за первым ,11. Оба автобуса очень медленно ползли по Найтс-бридж. 12. Каждый раз, когда автобусы подъезжали к остановке, мужчина беспокойно смотрел в окно, чтобы увидеть, выхожу ли я. 13. Наконец, у какого-то светофора, он пересел в мой автобус. 14. У метро Глосестер Роуд я вышел из автобуса и купил билет в кассе-автомате. 15. Когда я стоял на платформе в ожидании поезда, мой преследователь спустился по лестнице.
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