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Времена в английском языке - Шмелев В.М.

Шмелев В.М. Времена в английском языке — Казань, 2000. — 148 c.
ISBN 5-7579-0386-4
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2. Он слишком много работал. Поэтому выглядит таким уставшим.
3. У тебя в волосах стружки. - Неудивительно, я пилил дерево.
4. Что ты делал? - Я работал в библиотеке.
5. Я купался. - Вот поэтому у меня все волосы мокрые.
6. За последнее время вы недоедали. Поэтому вы так раздражены.
7. Я весь день ходила по магазинам и у меня не осталось ни пенса .
8. Кто-то катался на моем велосипеде. Слетела цепь.
9. Он поднялся еле-еле по лестнице, и его жена сказала: ’’Опять ты пил!”
10. Твои пальцы очень потемнели (стали коричневыми). Ты очень много курил.
11. Обычно узнаешь человека, который ел чеснок.
Упр.4. Какое действие выражает выделенная форма глагола?
I. Не has just gone out.
2.1 have just washed the floor.
3. Charles has just passed his exam.
4. Would you like some coffee? I have just made some.
5. She has just posted the letter.
6. We’ve just heard the most extraordinary news.
7. The police have just recaptured the prisoners who escaped yesterday.
8.1 haven’t paid the telephone bill yet.
9. Has the post come yet?
10.1 haven’t finished my letter yet.
II. Has Mary watered the tomatoes yet?
12. Have you dived from the ten-metre board yet ? - No, I haven’t.
13. Why haven’t you brought me the letters for signature?
14. The police haven’t found the murderer yet.
15. Have you ever left a restaurant without paying the bill?
16. Have you ever eaten caviar?
17. Have you seen him lately?
18. Has your dog ever bitten anyone?
19. Have you ever been to Paris?
20. Has she ever driven this car?
21. Have you wound the clock?
22. Has she fed the dog?
23. Have you had breakfast?
24. Have you seen my watch anywhere?
25. Someone has taken my bicycle.
26. The telephone has stopped ringing.
27. The cat has stolen the fish.
28.1 have asked him to dinner several times.
29.1 have often seen him but I’ve never spoken to him.
30.1 have often wondered why Bill left the country so suddenly.
31. My brother has written several plays. He has just finished his second tragedy.
32. Susan has told me a great deal about you. She says you’re quite a man.
33. I’ve won every game that we’ve played this month.
34. She doesn’t know we’ve changed hotels.
35. He has had so many colds and sore throats recently.
36.1 haven’t dated anyone else since her mother died.
37. He hasn’t thought about living anywhere since they came here.
38. During this century a large part of the US population has moved to areas outside the big cities.
39. He hasn’t changed in 50 years.
40. There is still some film left on this roll, and there’s one person I haven’t photographed in a long time.
41. We have done so much in such a short amount of time.
42. You and Mom haven’t had dinner together with us in almost a full week.
43. You haven’t been around much lately.
Упр.5. Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в нужной форме, а также заполните пропуски вспомогательным глаголом.
1. Where you (be) ? -1 (be) to the dentist’s.
2. Someone (wind) the clock ? - Yes, Tom ...
3. This company (sell) more than $2.5 billion pairs of jeans.
4. You (explain)-the exercise? - Yes, I...
5. There aren’t any buses because the drivers (go) on strike.
6. You (have) enough to eat? - Yes, I (have) plenty, thank you.
7. How many bottles the milkman (leave)? - He (leave) six.
8. You (not make) a mistake? - No, I’m sure I...
9. Why you (not mend) the fuse? -1 (not have) time.
10.1 (buy) a new carpet. Come and look at it.
11. Why he (not finish)? He (have) plenty of time.
12. He (post) the letter? - No, he...
13. He (miss) the train? - No, he...
14. He (speak) to her? - Yes, he ...
15. She (spend) her money ? - Yes, she ...
16. His temperature (go) down? - No, it...
17. You (pay-) the bill? - Not yet.
18. You (see) their garden? - Yes, we ...
19. They (plant) the peas? - No, they ...
20. He (write) to the paper? - Yes, he ... ^
21. My brother just (finish) his new poem.
22. You (lock) the door? - Oh, no.
23.1 (write) a letter but I can’t find a stamp.
24. The clock is slow. - It isn’t slow, it (stop).
25. Here are your shoes; I just (clean) them.
26. He just (go) out.
27. The play just (begin). You’re a little late.
28. The newspaper (come)? - Yes, Ann is reading it.
29. We (miss) the bus. Now we’ll have to work.
30. You (lose) your family?
31. The boy (infect) tonsils, and we should remove them as soon as possible.
32. What kind of articles you (write)?
33.1 know you and Mom (give) up a lot to save money for my college tuition.
34.1 (not think) about living anywhere else.
35. You (solve) your problem yet? - Yes, I...
36. You (be) to many weddings? - No, I...
I. Дайте ответы на следующие вопросы в соответствии с моделью.
Can you skate? (3 years) - Yes, but I haven’t skated for three years.
1. Can you play chess? (10 years)
2. Can you sing? (I came to England)
3. Could you milk a cow? (I left my father’s farm)
4. Can you put up a tent? (I went camping 2 years ago)
5. Can you make Yorkshire pudding? (over a year)
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