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Времена в английском языке - Шмелев В.М.

Шмелев В.М. Времена в английском языке — Казань, 2000. — 148 c.
ISBN 5-7579-0386-4
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8 - Hotel Porter: You will get a parking ticket if you leavp your car there, sir. If you are staying the night you will have to put it in the hotel garage.
9 - Ann: I’ve scorched Bill’s shirt. Whatever will he say?
Maiy: Oh, he won’t mind. He’ll just buy another shirt. He has plenty of money.
10 - Peter: We’d better leave a message for Jack. Otherwise he won’t know where we’ve gone.
George: All right. I’ll leave a note on his table.
11 - Jack: I don’t want to get married. I’ll never get married.
Mother: You think that now. But one day you will meet a girl and will fall in love.
12 - Tom: I am going to York tomorrow.
Ann: Are you coming back the same day?
Tom: No, I shall/will probably have to spend the night there.
13 - Peter: Are you walking home?
Andrew: Yes. It’s too late for a bus.
Peter: But it’s pouring. You’ll get soaked! Here, take this umbrella.
Andrew: Thanks very much. I’ll bring it back tomorrow.
14 - Jack:* I’m having another window put in. They are starting work on it tomorrow.
Ann: They will make the room much brighter.
15 - Are you taking any exams this term? - Yes, I am taking an English exam at the end of the month. - Do you think you’ll pass?- I don’t know. If I don’t I shall/will take it again at the end of the next term.
16 - Where are you meeting Tom? - We are meeting at Covent Garden. He is taking me to see ‘ The Magic Flute \
17 - What are you doing next weekend? - It depends on the weather. If it’s fine we’ll go somewhere in the car; if it’s wet we’ll probably stay at home.
18 - When is Jack arriving? - Some time this evening. - And how is he getting here? -1 don’t know yet. I suppose he will come by car,
19 - What are they doing for their holidays? - They are going camping.- And what is happening to their dog? - They are taking the dog with them. I think he will enjoy it more than they will. ,
20 - Don’t make a sound or you’ll wake the baby; and then he won’t get to sleep again.
21 - Mary: Don’t forget that Tom’s four boys are spending the weekend here. I don’t know how we shall/will manage with four boys under our feet in this small house.
Jack: I have an idea. We’ll turn the attic into a playroom. Then they will be able to play trains without tripping anyone up.
22 - Tom: Peter’s just phoned to say that he is catching the 8.10 train and will bt here by 9.00.
23 - When is George coming out of hospital? - I don’t know. They are moving him -to the Central Hospital next week so I shall/will ask them about coming out dates.
24 - I’m ringing Peter tonight. Shall I ask him to ring you?- No, don’t bother. I’ll be away most of the week. I’ll write to him.
25 - Don’t worry about meals tomorrow. Everything’s been arranged. We are having breakfast on the train, we’re lunching with the manager- he is standing us lunch- and the Smiths are giving us dinner after the show.
26 - Tom (who has just dropped his key on the path): Never mind; Mary’s at home. She will let us in and we shall/will find the key tomorrow when it’s light.
27 - George and Lucy, are getting married next week. Are you going to the wedding?- No, I wasn’t invited. Are they having a big wedding?
28 - Shall I wait for you? - No, don’t bother. This will take a long time. I’m sure, and I don’t want you to miss your train.
29 - Tom, the host: What will you have, Paul?
Paul: I will have the grilled stake, please.
Tom: And I will have roast duck. Hm. You are having steak and I am having duck. We will have some red wine.
30 - Jack: I will give you a lift to work tomorrow if you like.
Tom: Have you borrowed the car?
Jack: No, I’ve just bought one.
31 - Ann: Peter has set his alarm clock for 5 a.m. He is getting up very early, isn’t he? '
Mother: Early! Do you know what will happen? The alarm bell will ring, Peter will sleep through it and he will come down to breakfast at the usual time or a little later.
32 - Peter: I am being promoted next week. Mr Jones is leaving and I am taking over the department.
Ann: At this rate you will soon be a director, and then you will spend two hours a day on business lunches and lose your figure.
33 - Tom: I’m flying to New York next week.
Jack: Are you taking your wife with you?
Tom: No. I know that if I take her she will spend all her time and most of my money in the New York shops.
34 - Mary: Jack and I are going out tonight. We are having dinner at the Festival Hall and going to a concert afterwards.
Ann: And what about the children? I will come and babysit if you like.
Mary: Oh, my neighbours are coming in to sit with them. But thank you for offering, Ann. I will ask you next time.
35 - Ann (reading newspaper): It says here that Smiths are opening their new department next week, and that they are having a sale to give it a good start. I think I will look in on Monday - at lunchtime.
Mary: Good idea! I will come too.
Peter (entering room): Where are you girls having lunch today?
Mary: We are missing lunch. We are going to a sale instead.
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