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Времена в английском языке - Шмелев В.М.

Шмелев В.М. Времена в английском языке — Казань, 2000. — 148 c.
ISBN 5-7579-0386-4
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19 - We usually go out on Saturday evenings, but last Saturday was so wet that we stayed in and played cards.- What did you play?- We played porker. I lost fifty pence.
20 - When did you begin school?- I began school when I was five. I got to primary school first. I stayed there for six years and then 1 went to a comprehensive school.
21 - When Г was seventeen I started my university course.- When did you get your degree?~ Oh, I haven’t got my degree yet; I’m still at the university. I have only been there for two years.
22 - Tom left the house at 8.20. At 8.25 the phone in Tom’s house rang, Tom’s wife, Mary, answered it. “Could I speak to Tom, please?’’ said the caller. “I’m afraid he has just gone out,” said Mary.
23 - Have you been to Cornwall?- Yes, I was there last Easter.- Did you go by train? - No, I hitch-hiked.
24-1 haven’t seen Charles for some time.- He has been ill, poor chap. He collapsed at work a fortnight ago and was taken to hospital. They sent him home after two days but he hasn’t come back to work yet.
25 - There was a very good programme on TV last night. Did you see it?- No, I took my set back to the shop last week because there was so much distortion; and they said it needed a new part. They haven’t been able to get the new part so far, so I haven’t watched television for about ten days.
26 - Have you ever been to France?- Yes, I spent last July and August in Grenoble. I went to improve my French but everyone I met wanted to improve his English so I didn’t get much practice.
27 - The postman usually comes between 8.00 and 9.00 in the morning. At 8.45 yesterday Ann said, “Are there any letters for me?” “I don’t know,” said Mary. “The postman hasn’t come yet.” At 11 a.m. Jack, Mary’s husband, rang from his office to ask if there were any letters for him. “No,” said Mary. “Nobody got letters today. The postman didn’t come.”
28 - Mr Speed, Ann’s employer, dictated three letters and told Ann to type them as soon as possible. Half an hour later he rang Ann’s office. “Have you finished those letters yet?” he asked. “Well,” said Ann, “I have done the letter to Mr Jones, and
I’m now typing the one to Mr Robinson, but I haven’t started the one to Mr Smith yet.”
29 - Have you found out yet about the trains to Liverpool?- No. I rang the station last night but the man who answered the phone didn’t seem to be sure of the times. He said something about a new timetable. - But the new timetable has been in operation for three weeks!
30 - Tom and Jack work in different offices but go to work in the same train. One evening Tom’s wife said, “Has Jack moved into his new house yet?” “I don’t know,” said Tom, “I didn’t see Jack today. He wasn’t on the train.”
31 - Where have you been?- I have been shopping in Oxford Street - I suppose you bought/have bought shoes?- Yes. 1 found a shop where they were having a sale and I got three pairs.
32 - In the evenings I often play chess with my next door neighbour. I have played chess with him ever since I came to live here ten years ago. He has been here all his life; he inherited the house from his father, another great chess player.- Did you ever play chess with the father?- We played once or twice but he died a year after I arrived.
33 - I can’t find my glasses. Have you seen them?- Yes, you left them in the car yesterday. I put them back in your drawer.
34-1 hope you’re enjoying your visit to England. Have you met any Englishmen? -Yes, I met a man called Smith at a party last night.- What did you talk about?- We talked about the weather.
35 - Tom: Don’t you think it’s time we had something different for Sunday dinner?
Ann: But we have had roast beef for Sunday dinner ever since we got married. Your mother told me that you were particularly fond of roast beef.
Tom: But my mother has been dead for five years and in those five years my tastes have changed.
1 - gave, thanked, said, had enjoyed, knew, hadn’t read, were 2 - had seen, returned, didn’t have/hadn’t 3 - didn’t have, had already done, was 4 - didn’t have, did, left 5 -had, was; decided 6 - picked, went, slammed 7 - felt, had reminded 8 - had searched and found, remembered, was 9 - had left 10 - remembered, were 11- arrived; had been told, was, was 12 - asked, said, hadn’t been 13 - wanted, had come 14 - told 15
- admitted, never bought/had never bought, assured, sold, wasn’t 16 - returned, saw, had broken in, was, was 17 - were, had only just left 18 - Probably they (had) heard/They (had) probably heard, had run/ ran 19 - had helped, was, poured 20 -wondered, had found, hoped 21 - had been given, had died 22 - hadn’t had, hadn’t liked 23 - seemed, had taken 24- put, took, had forgotten/forgot, had put 25 - came, said, had just swallowed 26 - thought, left, was, arrived,. learnt, had just left 27 -found, had been using/had used 28 - parked, rushed, came, was 29 - wondered, had stolen, had driven 30 - was, was, had been working/had worked 31 - was, had had 32
- brought, hadn’t come 33 - kept, had seen 34 - looked, went, saw 35 - got up, was, wondered, had stayed, had gone away and come back 36 - opened, saw 37- had clearly been listening, wondered, had heard 38 - asked, had been doing/was doing, said, had dropped, had been looking for/was looking for 39 - didn’t see, found, had probably dropped; opened 40 - had been taking 41 - were, turned, asked 42 - pulled, ran off 43 - (had) recovered, had disappeared 44 - moved, found, had been standing 45 - had been telling/was telling.
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