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Времена в английском языке - Шмелев В.М.

Шмелев В.М. Времена в английском языке — Казань, 2000. — 148 c.
ISBN 5-7579-0386-4
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8 - We’re starting early tomorrow. We’re going to Ben Nevis.- Are you going to
climb Ben Nevis?- Not me. Tom is going to climb it. Pm going to sit at the bottom and do some sketching. ^ f ' Л
9 - Uncle: I hear you’ re going to the regatta tomorrow. Are you goiog to «ail In it?
Niece: No, but I’m taking my camera. I’m going to try to photograph the winning yachts.
10 -1 hear you’ve bought a caravan. Are you going to use it for your holidays? - No, I’m going to Jive in it. I’m going to start moving my things next week.- What are you going to do with your house?- I’m selling it to the man who sold me the caravan. He is getting married next month.
11 - Mrs Jones’s going to hospital. She’s having her appendix out.- Who is going to look after the children? - Her sister is coming down from Scotland.
12 - He isn’t happy at his boarding school. I’m going to send him to a day school.~ Have, you decided on the other school? - No, but I’m seeing (have an appointment with) the headmaster this afternoon. I’ll probably send him there.
13 - Tom is arriving tomorrow. - Is he spending the weekend here of (is he) catching the night train back as usual?- He is spending the weekend. He’s-giving a lecture on Friday and attending a big reception on Saturday.
14 - Is he bringing his wife with him? (.Has he arranged to bring his wife?)- Yes, she is going to do some shopping while he’s giving his lecture.
15 - I’ve just arranged to do a part-time job. I’m starting on Monday. - What are you going td do the rest of the time?- I’m going to study.
16 - Are you going abroad for your holiday?- Well, I’m going to get a holiday job. I’m going to an agent’s on Saturday to find out about it. I’m going to ask for a job abroad, but of course they may all be taken. - You might get a job picking grapes. Jack is joining/is going to join a camp in the South of France - his university arranged it - and they are going to pick grapes.
17 - I’m going to buy a new coat. The weather report says that it i$ going to be very cold.
18 - Ann has won a car in a competition but she can’t drive.
Tom: What are you going to do with the car? Are you going to sell it?
Ann: No, I’m going to learn to drive. I’m having my first lesson next Monday.
19 -1 hear you’ve bought a hew house. - Yes, I’m moving in next week. - Are you going to have a house warming party?- Not just yet. I’m going to paint the house first. The paintwork’s terrible.
20 - I’m going to do a lot of work in the garden. I’m going to plant twenty apple trees and (to) make a lawn in front of the house. - All that digging will take years. Are you going to give up/Are you giving up your job?
21 - I’m getting some help with the garden. Two men are starting work on the hedge on Friday and a lawn expert is coming on Monday to advise me about the lawn.
22 - The employers are meeting the strikers again tomorrow. (This has been arranged.)- Are they just going to repeat what they said today? Or are they going to climb down?- I believe that they are going to offer a 10 percent rise plus a productivity bonus.
Упр .5
Утвердительные предложения: 1-е лицо: will/shall+инфинитив; 2-е и 3-е лицо: will + инфинитив (напр., 1 - will/shall know).
Отрицательные предложения: will/shall+not+инфинитив (напр., 7 - will not/ won’t catch).
Вопросительные предложения: will/shall+ подлежащее + инфинитив (напр., 2
- will you be).
Упр. 6
(Вместо shall можно употребить will. Возможны сокращенные формы.)
1 - shall recognize 2 - will see/am seeing (am seeing подразумевает опреде-ленную договоренность) 3 - is playing 4 - is coming 5 - am going 6 - shall know 7 - shall owe 8 - shall believe 9 - am having 10 - will have 11 - is being/will be 12- is coming
13 - is catching 14 - are you meeting, am meeting 15 - are you riding/will you ride 6 -will Mrs Pitt say, won’t mind 17 - will it matter 18 - won’t forget 19 - is leaving 20 -shall remember 21 - will break 22 - will never forgive 23 - will like 24 - are laying 25
- will see 26 - will grow 27 - will understand 28 - will scratch 29 - shall be 30 - won’t pass 31 - is going 32 - am moving 33 - will soon forget 34 - will wait 35 - won’t write
36 - will be.
Упр. 7
1 - Tom: Where are you going for your next holiday?
Ann: I don’t know yet but we’ll probably go to Spain.
2 - We are having a drink with Peter tonight. (He has invited us.) It’s his last night; he is leaving tomorrow.
3 - Ann: Do you think we shall/will see Bill tomorrow?
Maiy: I hope so. He will probably look in on his way to the airport.
4 - I’m seeing my bank manager tomorrow. I’m going to ask him for a loan but I expect he will refuse.
5-1 shall/will know the result tomorrow. As sooii as.I hear, I’ll tell you.
6 - Jack’s mother: Jack will be ready in a moment. He is just finishing breakfast.
Jack’s father: If I wait for him any longer I shall/will miss the train.
7-1 shall/will probably cdme to London some time next month. I will give you a ring nearer the time and tell you when I am coming.
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