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.. , 2000. 148 c.
ISBN 5-7579-0386-4
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13 -1 shall/will never be able to manage on my own.- But you wont be on your own. Tom will be helping you. Look - his name is bracketed with yours on the list. -Oh, thats all right. But Tom will not be helping me: I shall/will be helping Tom. He always takes charge when were on duty together.
14-1 will write postcards every week, I promise, and I will try to make them legible. If necessary Ill type them.
15 - Typist: Are you in a hurry for this letter, Mr Jones? Because I shall/will be typing Mr Whites letters at four oclock and if yours could wait till...
Mr Jones: Id like it a little earlier than four if possible.
Typist: All right. Ill type it for you now.
16 - What happened at last nights meeting? I hear there was quite a disturbance. -Come and see me and Ill tell you. I dont want to talk about it on the phone.
17 - Im going to Switzerland next week.- You are lucky. The wild flowers will just be coming.
18 - This time next month the snow will be melting and skiing will be over.
19 - The first day of the term will be horrible, for everybody will be talking about their holidays and showing photographs of marvellous foreign beaches, and as I havent been anywhere I shall/will feel terribly out of it.
20 -1 will tell her,what you say but she wont believe it.
21 - Its 7 oclock in the morning, and here we are on top of a mountain. At home people will just be getting up now.
22 - But you cant go to a fancy dress party in a dinner jacket! - Why not?- Because everyone will be wearing fancy dress.- All right. Ill wrap the hearthrug round me and go as a caveman.
23 - The coming election will be the main topic of conversation for the next fortnight. The party leaders will be speaking on TV and the local candidates will be addressing meetings in the constituencies.
24 - This time tomorrow everyone will be reading of your success, and all sorts of people will be reading up to congratulate you.
25 - That oak tree will still be standing there fifty years from now.
26 - Will you please forward my mail to the Grand Hotel? I shall/will be staying there as usual for the first fortnight in August.
27 - Heavens! Look at the time. Your father will be coming home in a minute and I havent even started getting dinner ready!
28 - James will be leaving for Australia quite soon. He has got a job there.
29 - The car wont start.- If you get in, Tom and I will give it a push.
30 - Its nearly Christmas already. Carol singers will be coming round soon.
31 - On the news tonight they mentioned the possibility of a power strike. Everybody will be looking for candles tomorrow.
32 - Hotel receptionist on the phone to client: What time will you be arriving, Mr Jones?
Mr Jones: I shall/will be travelling on the 4.30 train m Victoria. Will there be taxi at the station?
Receptionist: Dont bother about taxi, Mr Jones. We will send the hotel car down for you.
33 - Will you be using your dictionary this afternoon?- No. You can borrow it if you like. - Thanks very much. Ill put it back on your desk this evening.
34Ann: This time next week I shall/will be having my first skating lesson.
Tom: And this time next month you will be hobbling about, covered in bruises!
35 - Its a beautiful drive! Im sure you will enjoy the sceneiy.-1 shant/wont have a chance to look at it. I shall/will be map-reading, and Tom gets so furious if I make a mistake that I shall/will be afraid to take my eyes off the map.
36-1 will write in code if you insist, but I dont think its at all necessary.
; . 14.
I/we wont I am
I, not going to/we are not going to - . you/they wont be going to,
, . . shant wont.
1 - wont help 2 - wont be meeting 3 - wont cut 4 - wont be cutting 5 - wont be coming/isnt coming 6 - wont come 7 - wont lend 8 - wont be speaking/isnt speaking 9 - wont work 10 - shant be working 11 - wont have 12 - shant be teaching/am not teaching 13 - wont speak 14 - shant be writing 15 - wont feed 16 -wont go 17 - wont paint 18 - shant be taking 19 - wont borrow 20 - wont wash 21
- shant be using 22 - wont send 23 - wont play 24 - wont be singing/isnt singing
25 - wont play 26 - wont be taking part/isnt taking part 27 - wont eat 28 - shant be eating 29 - wont ride 30 - wont be riding/isnt riding 31 - wont give 32 - wont be drinking 33 - wont open 34 - wont tell 35 - wont eat 36 - wont be wearing.
1 - You ask him. Its no good my asking him. He wont do anything I say.
2 - Ann says she wont come if Tom is driving. She says she doesnt want to die yet.
- Well, tell her Tom wont be driving. Hes had his licence suspended.
3 - Pupil to teacher: I shant/wont be coming back next term. My parents want me to get a job.
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