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Времена в английском языке - Шмелев В.М.

Шмелев В.М. Времена в английском языке — Казань, 2000. — 148 c.
ISBN 5-7579-0386-4
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(Глагол shall можно заменить на will; возможны сокращенные формы.)
1 - will go 2 - will telephone 3 - will send 4 - am going to learn 5 - are you going to do 6 - will call, will translate 7 - are you going to buy, am not going to eat, am going to eat 8 - are you going to redecorate 9 - am going to change, will help 10 - are you
going to put 11 - am going to put 12 - are you going to do, am going to be 13 - am
going to shorten 14 - won’t lend 15 - will cut 16 - am going to attend 17 - will ask 18
- am going to open 19 - is going to take 20 - will ask 21 - am going to get 22 - am going to develop 23 - will make 24 - are going to tow 25 - am going to give up/am giving up 26 - will say 27 - will lend 28 - are going to raffle 29 - are going to clear
30 - will mend 31 - will give 32 - am going to make 33 - am going to shorten 34 - am going to buy 35 - are you going to do 36 - am going to give.
1 - Where are you off to with that ladder?- I am going to have a look at the roof; it’s leaking and I think a tile has slipped.
2 - We bought our new garage in sections and we are going to assemble it ourselves. - That sounds rather interesting. I will come and help you if you like.
3. - Why do you want all the furniture out of the room? - Because I am going to shampoo the carpet. It is impossible to do it unless you take everything off it first.
4 - Here are the matches: but what do you want them for? - 1 am going to make a bonfire at the end of the garden; I want to bum that big heap of rubbish. - Well, be careful. If the fire gets too big it will burn the apple trees.
5 - Have you decided on your colour scheme?- Oh yes, and I’ve bought the paint. I am going to paint this room blue and the sitting room green.
6 - Why are you asking everyone to give you bits of material?- Because I am going to make a patchwork quilt.
7-1 wonder if Ann knows that the time of the meeting has been changed.- Probably not. I will look in on my way home and tell her. I’m glad you thought of it.
8 - Leave a note for them on the table and they will see it when they come in.
9 - I’m afraid I’m not quite ready. - Never mind. I will wait.
10. - Do you have to carry so much stuff on your backs?- Yes, we do. We are going to camp out and cook our own meals, so we have to carry a lot.
11 - I’ve been measuring the windows. I am going to put in double-glazing.
12 - Are you going to wear that nice dress in a yacht? - Of course not! I am going to sit on the pier.and watch you all sailing. I am not going to get all wet and muddy and pretend that I’m enjoying it.
13 - If you leave the keys with the hall porter he will take the car round to the garage.
14 - Shop assistant: We have some very nice strawberries.
Customer: All right. I will have a pound.
15 - Husband: This bread is absolutely tasteless! I wish we could have home-made bread.
Wife:.All right. I will start making it. I will get a book about home baking today, and from now on I will bake all our bread!
16 - Mary: Arm’s busy baking. Apparently she is going to bake all their bread from now on.
Jean: She will soon get tired of that.
17 - Why have you brought your camera? Are you going to take photographs? It’s not allowed, you know. - No, I am trying to sell the camera! ~ That’s not allowed either. If a policeman sees you, he will confiscate the camera.
18 - Tom to Jack, who has just helped him to change a wheel: I shall/will have to leave this at the garage; I don’t know how to mend a puncture in a tubeless tyre.
Jack: But it’s quite easy. I will come round this evening and show you if you like,
19 - Later, Tom to wife: I am not going to take the tyre to the garage. I am going to mend it myself. Jack will help me.
20 - Why are rolling up the carpets? Are you going to paint the ceiling? - No, I am taking the carpet to the cleaner’s.
21 - Ann: Here’s the letter to the landlord. If there’s anything I should add, say so and I will add it.
Peter: It’s fine, but it’s illegible. He won’t be able to read it.
Ann: Oh, I am going to type it!
Peter: Good, then we shall/will have a copy,
22 - Employer: But there are a lot ofmistakes in this, Miss Jones.
Miss Jones: Yes, I suppose there are. All right. I’ll type it again.
23 - Mrs Smith was just picking up the receiver when her husband came downstairs. “Ann’s not well,” she said. “I am going to ring the school and say that she can’t come.”
24 - Ann: Why are you taking fishing rods? Aren’t you going to climb the mountain after all?
Tom: We are going to climb and fish. There’s a lake on top and we are going to try to get some fish out of it.
Ann: Well, if you catch any I will cook them; but I think I’ll buy some all the same.
25 - Mary, meeting Jack carrying two baskets of water: Hello, Jack! Where’s the fire?
Jack: I am going to wash the car, if you want to know. Would you like to help me?
Mary: I’m not dressed for it but I’ll come and watch.
26 - Where are all those children off to with baskets? - They are going to pick blackberries. They’ll probably come back at 6.00 with their baskets crammed and then their mothers will start making jam.
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