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Времена в английском языке - Шмелев В.М.

Шмелев В.М. Времена в английском языке — Казань, 2000. — 148 c.
ISBN 5-7579-0386-4
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б) в слове, оканчивающемся на немую е, эта буква опускается:
type -> typing have -> having -
в) в слове, оканчивающемся на согласную, которой предшествует одна гласная, конечная согласная удваивается :
cut-> cutting get -> getting
l.She (not work), she (swim) in the river.
2.He (teach) his boy to ride.
3.Why Ann (not wear) her new dress?
4.The aeroplane (fly) at 2,000 metres.
5.What Tom (do) now? He (clean) his shoes.
6.This fire (go) out. Somebody (bring) more coal?
7.1t (rain)? - Yes, it (rain) very hard.
8. Why you (mend) that old shirt?
9.You (not tell) the truth.- How do you know that I (not tell) the truth?
10.Who (move) furniture about upstairs?- It’s Tom. He (paint) the front bedroom.
II .Mrs Jones (sweep) the steps outside her house.
12. What you (read) now?- I (read) ‘Crime and Punishment 13 .It is a lovely day. The sun (shine) and the birds (sing).
14;Someone (knock) at the door. Shall I answer it?- I (come) in a minute. I just (wash) my hands.
15.She always (ring) up and (ask) questions.
16.Why you (make) a cake? Someone (come) to tea?
17.Where is Tom?- He (lie) under the car.
18.Can I borrow your pen or you (use) it at the moment?
19.You (do) anything this evening ?- No, I (be) not, I (go) to the cinema. Would you like to come with me?
20. We (have) breakfast at 8.00 tomorrow as Tom (catch) an early train.
21 .Ann usually does the shopping, but I (do) it today as she isn’t well.
22. Why you (type) so fast? You (make) a lot of mistakes.
23.Mother (rest) now. She always rests after lunch.
24.They (dig) an enormous hole just outside my gate.- What they (do) that for?- I don’t know. Perhaps they (look) for oil.
25.What (make) that terrible noise?- It’s the pneumatic drill. They (repair) the road.
26.The children are very quiet. Go and see what they (do). - They (cut) up some $5 notes.
27. What you (wait) for?- I (wait) for my change; the boy just (get) it.
28.1 can’t hear what you (say); the traffic (make) too much noise,
29.She always (lose) her glasses and (ask) me to look for them.
30.Mother: “What you (look) at? Something (happen) in the street ?”
31.Child: ”Yes. The house opposite is on fire! Come and look.”
Mother: “I can’t. I (bathe) the babies. Is the Fire Brigade here?”
32.Child: “Yes. Fire engines (rush) up and the firemen (jiamp) out and (unroll) their hoses.”
33.Smoke (pour) from the windows? People (stop) to watch. A policeman (try) to move them on.
34.An old man (climb) out of a first floor window! A fireman (help) him! Two boys (slide) down a rope!
35.A woman (wave) from the attic and a fireman (go) up a ladder to help her!
36.Now he (come) down again! He (carry) a baby! The crowd (cheer)!
Упр.7. Раскройте скобки, используя Present Simple или Present Progressive.
1 .Cuckoos (not build) nests. They (use) the nests of other birds.
2.You can’t see Tom now: he (have) a bath.
3.Не usually (drink) coffee but today,he (drink) tea.
4.What she (do) in the evening?- She usually (play) cards or (watch) TV.
5.1 won’t go out now as it (rain) and I (not have) an umbrella.
6.The last train (leave) the station at 11.30.
7.Ann (make) a dress for herself at the moment.
8.She (make) all her clothes.
9.Hardly anyone (wear) a hat nowadays.
10.1 (wear) my sunglasses today because the sun is very strong.
Л 1.1 am busy at the moment. I (redecorate) the living room.
12.The kettle (boil) now. Shall I make the tea?
13. You (enjoy) yourself or would you like to leave now?- I (enjoy) myself very much. I (want) to stay to the end.
14.Why you (put) on your coat?- I (go) for a walk. You (come) with me?- Yes,
I’d love to come. You (mind) if I bring my dog?
15.How much you (owe) him?- I (owe) him $5.- You (intend) to pay him?
16.You (belong) to your local library?- Yes, I do.- You (read) a lot? - Yes,
quite a lot. - How often you (change) your books? -1 (change) one every day.
17.1 always (buy) lottery tickets but I never (win) anything.
18.1 won’t tell you my secret unless you (promise) not to tell anyone. - I (promise).
19.You always (write) with your left hand?
20.You (love) him?- No, I (like) him very much, but I (not love) him.
21.You (dream) at night?- Yes, I always (dream) and if I (eat) too much supper
I (have) nightmares.
22.The milk (smell) sour. You (keep) milk long time?
23.Those women are never satisfied; they always (complain).
24.We (use) this room today because the window in the other room is broken.
25.You (write) to him tonight?- Yes, I always (write) to him on his birthday.
You (want) to send any message?
26.Tom and Mr Pitt (have) a long conversation. I (wonder) what they (talk) about.
27.You (believe) all that the newspapers say? - No, I (not believe) any of it.-Then why you (read) newspapers?
28.This car (make) a very strange noise. You (think) it is all right? - Oh, that noise (not matter). It always (make) a noise like that.
29.The fire (smoke) horribly. I can not see across the room.-1 (expect) that birds (build) a nest in the chimney.- Why you (not put) wire across the tops of your chimney?- Tom (do) that sometimes but it (not seem) to make any difference.
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