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Времена в английском языке - Шмелев В.М.

Шмелев В.М. Времена в английском языке — Казань, 2000. — 148 c.
ISBN 5-7579-0386-4
Скачать (прямая ссылка): vremenavanglyazike2000.djv
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6.I’m wondering if you just dislike me. - I’ve been wondering if you just dislike me.
7. She is accusing me of things.- She has been accusing me of things.
8. He is behaving very well.- He has been behaving very well.
Упр.20. Дополните следующие предложения.соответствующими словами или фразами, чтобы подтвердить ту или иную форму английского глагола.
1.Я живу в России...
1) I live in Russia... 2) Гт living in Russia... 3) I have lived in Russia... 4) I have been living in Russia...
2.Он звонит по телефону...
1) He telephones (calls)... 2) He is telephoning... 3) He has telephoned... 4) He has been telephoning...
З....идёт дождь...
1) ...it rains... 2)... it is raining... 3)... it has rained... 4)... it has been raining... 4.0н сумасшедший...
1) He is crazy... 2) He is being crazy... 3) He has been crazy...
5.Она лжёт...
1) She lies... 2) She is lying... 3) She has lied... 4) She has been lying..! б.Они готовят ужин...
1) They cook dinner... 2) They are cooking-dinner... 3) They have cooked dinner... 4) They have been cooking dinner...
7.Я думаю...
1) I think... 2) I’m thinking... 3) I’ve thought... 4) I’ve been thinking.
Упр.21. Переведите следующие предложения на английский язык, обращая внимание на придаточные предложения.
1.0н спросил меня, какую работу я выполняю и намереваюсь ли учиться в университете.
2.Она тебе говорила, почему она хочет бросить свою работу?
З.Он сказал мне, что он на этом острове (живет) 15 лет.
4.В гостинице официант сказал мне, что уже три месяца там живет какой-то американец.
5.Я удивился тому, что вы знаете мое имя.
6.Он сказал (своему) отцу, что теперь он зарабатывает в неделю на десять долларов меньше.
7.Когда я узнал его лучше, он признался, что он чувствует себя в Лондоне одиноко.
8.У меня было впечатление, что он уже давно (находится) здесь.
9.Я подозревал, что она просто забыла сказать, что я аду.
Ю.Он знал, о чем она думает.
11.Я заранее отчетливо представлял себе, как он кричит на меня в кафе, нимало не заботясь о том, что вокруг сидят люди, кричит с гневом, который я
вполне заслужил.
12.0на сказала, что с детства занимается спортом.
13.Она сказала полчаса тому назад, что ее сын приезжает ровно в три.
14.Я забыл, как он выглядит.
15.“Привет, Джек,” миссис Хольт улыбнулась ему. “Мой муж говорил мне о том, как ты ему нравишься.”
Будущее время *
УпрЛ. Раскройте скобки, поставьте глагол в форме Present Progressive. Пере- ,
ведите предложения на русский язык.
1 .They are going to drill for oil here. They (start) on Monday.
2.My uncle (make) a speech on Friday.
3.1 (take) my sister to the ballet tomorrow.
4.She (call) for me at six.
5.He (play) at Wimbldon next summer.
6.1 (meet) her at the station at ten.
7.The sales (not start) till Monday.
8.How you (get) to the party tomorrow? -1 (go) by car. - Who (drive)?
9.The piano tuner (come) this afternoon.
10.You (give) him anything for his birthday? - Yes, I (give) him a dictionary.
1 l.The windows (be) cleaned today. Then we’ll be able to see out.
12.She (come) out of hospital next week.
13.We (have) dinner early tonight as we (go) to the theatre.
14.Where you (go) for your holidays this year? -1 (go) to Holland.
15.He (not give) a lecture tonight.
16.1 (have) my photograph taken tomorrow.
17.1 (buy) her a burglar alarm for a wedding present.
18.The elections (be) held next week.
19.1 (have) lunch with my aunt on Thursday. $
20.The committee (meet) next Wednesday.
21.My grandparents (celebrate) their golden wedding next week.
22.1 (lend) him my car for his holidays.
23.The strikers (return) to work next week.
24.Smith’s (open) a new branch in this street in July.
25.We’ve bought a new house and (move) in very soon.
26.1 (not take) up judo next winter.
27.They (get) married next week.
28.You (do) anything tonight? - Yes, I (go) to my carpentry class.
29.The Prime Minister (fly) to America tomorrow.
30.He (start) a new job on Friday.
31 .The Queen (give) a garden party next week. You (go)?
32.My brother (be) released on Tuesday. I (meet) him outside the prison.
33.1.(catch) the 6.30 plane tomorrow. - Where you (leave ) your car? -1 (not take) the car. ,
34.Her mother (send) her to France next year.
35.1 (go) to the dentist tomorrow. Miss Pitt (take) my class.
36.1 (lend) my flat to the American cousins next year.
Упр.2. Раскройте скобки, используя форму be going to. Объясните использование данной конструкции.
l.You (miss) your train. 2.The pressure cooker (explode). 3.When you (pay) the bill? 4.She (dye) the old curtains blue. 5.We (make) this whisky bottle into a lamp.
6.What you (do) with the room? -1 (paint) the walls in black and white stripes. 7.The umpire (blow) his whistle. 8.You (eat) all that? 9.That man with tomato in his hand (throw) it at the speaker. lO.That door (slam). 11.The bull (attack) us. 12.It (rain). Look at those clouds. 13.The cat (have) kittens. 14.The‘men in the helicopter (try) to rescue the man in the water. 15.That rider (fall) off. 16.These two men (cycle) across Africa. 17.The Lord Mayor is standing up. He (make) a speech. 18.He (grow) a beard when he leaves school. 19.This aeroplane (crash). 20.1 (stop) here for a moment to get some petrol. 2l.You (ask) him to help you. 22.14e lent you my car once. I (not do) it again. 23.1 have seen the play. Now I (read) the book. 24.Small boy: I (be) a frogman when I grow up. 25.1 (not sleep) in this room. It is haunted. 26.We (buy) a metal detector and look for burried treasure. 27.You (reserve) a seat? 28.1 (plant) an oak tree here. 29.The dog (bury) the bone. 30.1 (have) a bath. 31.1 (smuggle) this out of the country. 32.There was very little blossom this spring. Apples (be) scarce. 33.1 don’t like this macaroni. I (not finish) it. 34.1 (not stay) here another minute.
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