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Времена в английском языке - Шмелев В.М.

Шмелев В.М. Времена в английском языке — Казань, 2000. — 148 c.
ISBN 5-7579-0386-4
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20.Stand there, they (change) the guard in a minute and you’ll get a good view.
21 .You’d better go back now, your mother (wonder) where you are.
22.1n fifty years’ time we (live) entirely on pills.
23.What do you think the children (do) when we get home? - I expect they (have) their supper.
24.The garden (look) its best next month.
25.It won’t be easy to get out of the country. The police (watch) all the ports.
26.What the tide (do) at six tomorrow morning?- It (come) in.
27.1 ’ve just remembered that I left the bathroom taps on. I expect the water (flow) down the stairs by now.
28.You (need) your camera tomorrow or can I borrow it?
29. We’ve just got to the top in time. The sun (rise) in a minute.
30.Air hostess: We (take off) in a few minutes. Please fasten your safety belts.
31.We’d better go out tomorrow because Mary (practise) the piano all day.
32.Don’t ring her at 6.00; she (put) the children to bed. Ring later.
33.We are making a house-to-house collection of things for the jumble sale. We (come) to your house next week.
34.That football club has lost some of its players. They (look out) for new men.
35.When I get home my dog (sit) at the door waiting for me.
36.Let’s go down to the harbour; the fishing boats all (come) in because of the gale.
Упр. 12. Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол-сказуемое в соответствующей форме, используя Future Simple или Future Progressive. (Там, где возможны альтернативные формы, они будут указаны в ключе.)
1.There is going to be a bus strike. Everyone (walk) to work next week.
2.You’ve just missed the last train! - Never mind, I (walk).
3.Г11 ring you tomorrow at six. - No, don’t ring at six; I (bathe) the baby then. Ring later.
4.Mother: Your face is dirty.
Child: All right, I (wash) it.
5.Will you have lunch with me on the 24th?- I’d love to, but I’m afraid I (do) my exam then.
6.1 (work) for Mr Pitt next week as his own secretary will be away.
7.You (have) something to drink, won’t you?
8.Why did you take his razor? He (look) for it everywhere tomorrow.
9.1 hope you’ll do well in the race tomorrow. I (think) of you.
lO.Notice on board ship: In the event of the emergency all passengers (assemble) on the boat deck.
11.1 don’t feel well enough to go to the station to meet him. - I (meet) him for you. But how I (recognize) him?- He’s small and fair, and he (wear) a black and white school cap.
12.1 (leave) these flowers at the hospital for you. I (go) there anywhere to visit my cousin.
13.You ought to try to get a ticket for the Spectators’ Gallery next week; they (debate) international fishing rights.
14.You’ve left the lights on.- Oh, so I have. I (go) and turn it off.
15.1’ve just been appointed assistant at the local library.- Then you (work) under my sister. She is head librarian there.
16.1 want to post this letter but I don’t want to go out in the rain.- I (post) it for you.
I (go) out anyway as I have to take the dog for a walk.
17.The prima ballerina is ill so I expect her understudy (dance) instead.
18.Today is Guy Fawkes’ Day; this evening people (let) off fireworks and (make) bonfires in the streets.
19.Military order: Sentries (remain) on duty till they are relieved.
20.This time aext Monday I (sit) in a Paris cafe reading 4Le Figaro’. You (not read). You’ll be looking at all the pretty girls.
21.Wages have gone up, so I suppose prices (go) up too.
22.lt is nearly autumn; soon the leaves (change) colour.
23 .Mother (on phone): My son has just burnt his hand very badly.
Doctor: I (come) at once.
24.Customer in restaurant; Waiter, this plate is dirty.
Waiter: I’m sorry, sir, I (bring) you another.
25.In a few years’ time we all (live) in houses heated by solar energy.
26.It’s beginning to get dark; the street lights (go on) in a few minutes.
27.We (not play) poker at the party tonight; our hostess doesn’t approve of cards.
28.Let’s wait here; the swing bridge (open) in a minute to let that ship through.
29.Guest: May I use phone to ring for a taxi?
Hostess: Oh, there’s no need for that; my son (drive) you home.
30.Соте on deck; we (enter) harbour in a few minutes.
31 .Before you leave the office you (hand) the keys of the safe to Mr Pitt. Do you understand?- Yes, sir.
32.Are you nearly ready? Our guests (arrive) any minute.
33.Loudspeaker announcement: The ship (leave) in a few minutes and all persons not travelling are asked to go ashore.
34.Now that the parking regulations have become stricter, more people (use) public transport and (leave) their cars at home.
35.1’ve got rats in my basement and I don’t know how to get rid of them. - I (bring) my dog round whenever you like. He (catch) them for you.
36.1’m afraid I’ve just broken your goldfish bowl.- Never mind, I (put) the goldfish in the bath.
Упр.13. Переведите следующие предложения на английский язык, поставив глаголы в соответствующие формы Future Simple или Future Progressive.
1.Джек обычно подбрасывает меня до дома, но завтра мы оба поедем домой на поезде, так как его машина находится в ремонте.
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