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Искусство пальпации - Чейтоу Л.

Чейтоу Л. Искусство пальпации — ДОЦ, 2007. — 394 c.
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Special Topic Fig. 10A Location of pulses (right hand only illustrated) for assessment in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Special Topic Fig. 10B Taking the pulse in TCM. One finger at a time would apply suitable degrees of pressure to make an assessment, superficially or at depth.
Fig. 10.1 Bring hands as close together as you can without the palms touching each other. Then bring hands apart about 5 cm. Return hands siowiy
to original position. Repeat, and on each repetition separate the palms by an additional 5 cm, until they are finally 20 cm apart.
Fig. 10.2 When the hands are about 20 cm apart, slowly bring them together. Every 5 cm, test the field between your hands for a sense of bounciness or elasticity.
Fig. 10.3 Map of 'energy (or chakra) fields' of spinal region.
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Fig. 11.2 The hand positions which would be used in Ford's treatment of horizontal 'crossrestrictions' - (A) pelvic, (B) diaphragmatic, (C) thoracic outlet and (D) base of skull. By 'projecting' his sense of touch he palpates for 'depth, direction and duration' in order to treat these dysfunctions.
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