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1 - Have you played, came; have played, joined, arrived 2 - Have you played; have played, have had, have won, didnt really deserve 3 - played, was, left, dropped, took
4 - haven't seen, have you been; I've been, meant, hadn't/didnt have; Did you have/Had you, were; was, have only just got; enjoyed, skied, danced 5 - skied, was, broke, havent done 6 - came, was, has been built, has become 6 - came, was; has been built, has become 7 - hasn't started; has he been, has been, spent 8 - have just heard; didnt you know, flew; Have you heard; got, told, didnt say, liked, has only been 9 - didnt known, were; exploded, burnt 10 - made; resigned, was 11- has left; left; Has anybody been; have applied, has been decided 12 - Did you have/Have you had; was, have ever had; took, thought, was, searched, announced, was, took off 13 -did you spend; took, fed, walked, bought, didnt need, passed 14 - Have you booked; wrote, haven't answered 15 - didn't know, were; have been; arrived 16 - met, said, made; found, needed, seemed 17 - Did you know, arrived; didnt know 18 - began, did, dropped, forgot, spent, studied 19 - rang, said, spent, couldnt/wasnt able to, rang, haven't seen, said, went, havent come, went 20 - have just had; did it go, did you enjoy; didn't actually hit, made 21 - sold, bought, left, arrived, wasnt, said, hasn't been taken 22 - saw; thought, worked, said, worked, explained, went, told, gave 23 -Have you been; went, were; Did you go; went, hired 24 - have you been, c^ie; have been 25 - have seen, did you go; went, took 26 - Did you see, were; s&n, walked, asked, had, said, has just returned 27 - Have you been; have been; haven't been 28 -Have you seen; went, saw; Did you like; loved, didn't understand 29 - has just died; knew; worked; didn't see, left, kept 30 - thought, was, turned; shouted; said, didnt
know, were 31 - Hasn't Tom come; came, went; didnt hear 32 - has just given, have just touched, didnt feel 33 - came; went; looked; coughed, sjhm; exclaimed, didn't see 34 - you have just agreed; didnt realize, wanted
1 - I bought a new house last year, but I havent sold my old one yet, so at the moment I have two houses.
2 - When Ann was on her way to the station it began to rain. Ann ran back to her flat for her umbrella, but this made her late for her train.
3 - She caught the next train but it did not get until 9.00, so she arrived at hef office ten minutes late.
4 - Her boss looked up as she came in. You have been late every morning this week, he growled.
5 - At 7 a.m. Charles rang Peter and said, Im going fishing, Peter. Would you like to come?41 But its so early,' said Peter. I havent had breakfast yet. Why didnt you tell me last night?
6 - Tom met Paul at lunchtime and said, 1 didnt see you at the bus stop this morning. Did you miss the bus? I didnt miss it, replied Paul. 1 havent missed a bus for years. But this morning George gave me a lift.
7 - Ann went to Canada six months ago. She worked in Canada for a while and then went to the United States.
8 - Maty has been in Japan for two years. She is working there and likes it very much.- How did she go?- She went by air.
9 - When I bought my new house I asked for a telephone. The Post Office told me to wait, but I have waited/have been waiting a year now and my phone still hasnt come.
10 - Bill usually has breakfast at 8.00. Yesterday at 8.30 Peter met Bill and offered him an apple. No, thanks, said Bill. I have just had breakfast.
11 - Just as Ann arrived at the airfield a plane landed and a girl climbed out. To her
surprise Ann recognized her cousin, Lucy. Hello, Lucy, she exclaimed I didnt know that you knew how to fly a plane.* I have only just learnt, said Lucy I went solo for the first time last week.
12 - Peter tried to come quietly but his mother heard him and called oat, Where have you been? Your supper has been in the oven for an hour.
13 - Have you been at the theatre lately?- Yes, I went to Othello' last week.-Did you like it? Yes, but I didnt see very well. I was right at the back.
14 - Ann (coming out of a book-shop): I have just bought a copy of David
Copperfield. Have you read it?
Mary: As it happens it is the only one of Dickenss books that I havent read. I havent even seen the film.
15 - Have you been to Cambridge? - Yes, I was there last month. - How did you get there?- My brother took me in his car.
16 - Have you seen Philip lately? I rang his flat several times last week but got no answer. - Oh, he has been in America for the last month. He flew out on the first for a conference and then decided to stay for six weeks.- Have you heard from him?-Yes, I got a letter shortly after he arrived.
17 - How long have you been in your present job? - Ive been there for six months. -And what did you do before that? - Before that I worked for Jones and Company.
18 - How long did you work for Jones and Company? -1 worked for them for two years.- Didnt you like working with them?- No, I didnt like it at all. - Then why did you stay so long?
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