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Времена в английском языке - Шмелев В.М.

Шмелев В.М. Времена в английском языке — Казань, 2000. — 148 c.
ISBN 5-7579-0386-4
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16 - She was very extravagant. She was always buying herself new clothes.
17 - She said that the car was travelling at 40 k.p.h. when it began to skid.
18-1 looked through the classroom window. A geometry lesson was going on. The teacher was drawing on the blackboard.
J9 - ’’What were you doing between 9.00 and 10.00 yesterday,” said the detective.
20 - The dentist’s waiting room was full of people. Some were reading magazines; others were just turning over the pages. A woman was knitting; a child was playing with a toy car. Suddenly the door opened and the nurse said, “Next, please.”
21 - While I was wondering to buy the dress or not, someone else came and bought it.
22 - He was always borrowing from me but when I once asked him to lend me something, he said he hadn’t got it.
23 - The curtain was just rising when somebody at the back of the theatre shouted, ‘Fire!’ The audience looked round nervously.
24 - As it was raining the children played/were playing in the sitting room. Tom was there too. He was trying to write a letter but he didn’t get/wasn’t getting on very well because the children kept asking him questions.
25 - He was sitting on the bank fishing when he saw a man’s hat floating down the river. It seemed strangely familiar.
26 - Everyone was reading quietly when suddenly the door burst open and a complete stranger rushed in.
27 - The train was just starting when the door opened and two panting passengers leaped in.
28 - They were building that bridge when I was here last year. They haven’t finished it yet.
29 - My dog attacked the postman as he was putting the letters into the letterbox.
30 - How did you break your leg? - I fell off the ladder when I was putting up curtains.
31 - What were you doing when the doorbell rang? -1 was making a cake.
32 - The prisoner escaped by climbing the wall of the garden where he was working. He was wearing blue overalls and black shoes.
33 - The floor was covered with balls of wool. Obviously Mrs Pitt was knitting something.
34 - While he was watering the flowers it began to rain. He put up his umbrella and went on watering.
35 - The boys were playing cards when they heard their father’s steps. They immediately hid the cards and took out their lesson books.
36 - He didn’t allow us to go out in the boat yesterday as a strong wind was blowing. Упр.11.
I - decided 2 - chose 3 - looked, were getting, was mixing, was washing 4 - were, asked, was doing 5 - replied, was going, went, knew, were looking 6 - began, found, were 7 - were waiting/waited, remembered, had 8 - started, was telephoning, did, came 9 - grumbled, was always telephoning 10 - retorted, was always complaining
II - worked 12 - started/were starting, rang 13 - was, wanted, was playing 14 -stayed, went 15 - left 16 - returned, came, wasted 17 - said 18 - thought 19 - was just climbing, rang 20 - said, was getting, went, opened 21 - was, was coming, arriving.
1 -1 was walking along Piccadilly when I realized that a man with a ginger beard, whom I had seen three times already that afternoon, was following me.
2 - To make quite sure, I walked on quickly, turned right, then left and stopped suddenly at a shop window.
3 - In a few minutes the man with the beard appeared and stopped at’another shop window.
4-1 went on.
5 - Whenever I stopped he stopped, and whenever I looked round he was still there.
6 - He looked a very respectable type and was wearing/wore very conventional clothes and I wondered if he was a policeman or a private detective.
7-1 decided to try and shake him off.
8 - A 74 bus was standing at the bus stop just beside me.
9 - Then the conductor came downstairs and rang the bell; just as the bus moved/was moving off, I jumped on it.
10 - The man with the beard missed the bus but got into another 74, which was following/followed the first.
11 - Both buses crawled very slowly along Knightsbridge.
12 - Every time the buses pulled up at stop, the man looked out anxiously to see if I was getting/got off.
13 - Finally, at some traffic lights, he changed buses and got into mine.
14 - At Gloucester Road Underground, I left the bus and bought a ticket at a ticket machine.
15 - As I was standing on the platform waiting for a train, my pursuer came down the stairs.
16 - He was carrying a newspaper and when we got into the same compartment, he sat in one comer reading it, and I read the advertisement.
17 - He looked over the top of the newspaper at every station to see if I was getting/got out.
18-1 was becoming/became rather tired of being shadowed like this, so finally I went and sat beside the man and asked him why he was following me.
19 - At first he said he wasn’t following me at all but when I threatened to knock him down, he admitted that he was.
20 - Then he told me he was a writer of detective stories and was trying to see if it was difficult to follow someone unseen.
21-1 told him he hadn’t been unseen because I had noticed him in Piccadilly and I advised him to shave off his ginger beard if he didn’t want his victim to know he was being followed.
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