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22.FHi>uy that house when I (have) enough money.
23 .You ffalt) rapidly through the air till your parachute opens.
24.Well have to stay here till the tide (go) out.
25.When the Queen (arrive) the audience will stand up.
26.When the fog (lift) well be able to see where we are.
27.The refrigerator (go on) making that noise till we have it repaired.
28.As soon as the holiday begins this beach (become) very crowded.
29.The car (not move) till you take the brake off.
30.The alarm bell (go on) ringing till you press this button.
31 .As soon as she (learn) to type Ill get her a job.
32.Look before you (leap), (proverb)
33.We (have) to stay in this desert island till we can repair our boat.
34.Dont count on a salary increase before you actually (get) it.
35.When winter (begin) the swallows will fly away to a warmer country.
36.We cant make any decision till he (arrive) here.
.31. ?
1.1.Tom and I celebrate our fortieth anniversary next month.
2.The advanced class starts at ten oclock. - Well, its 8.20 now.
3.Well, at one oclock you have a lunch appointment with Mr Zevin, the client from the Joytown Stores.
4.Tomorrow is Monday, and work begins at eight in the morning for me.
5.Michelle and her friends are at the aquarium in Brooklyn. They come back here for lunch, they go uptown to Museum of Natural History.
6.My final exam is next Tuesday.
7.At four oclock you have a meeting with the production stuff in the conference room.
2.1. Well, Mrs Herrera, Carl will be perfectly fine after we remove his tonsils.
2.Carl, youll have you party, when you go home.
3.111 talk to Richard about it the minute he comes home.
4.If we dont get dressed, we wont be there to see Susan become Mrs Harry Ben-
5.We11 finish the conversation when they go to the museum.
6. Well let you know as soon as he arrives.
3.1.You will try to find the dogs owner. - How do I do that?
2.Why dont we go to look at this house?
3.This hotel wont be the same, but what do you say?
4.Why dont we get in the car and drive home ?
5.When do you need the volunteers, and when do they report?
6.When do we see the reviews? - Soon. One of the critics is coming over this
morning for a previews.
7.Why dont you talk to him about it tomorrow?
4.1.Susan Stewart... you are about to become Susan Bennet - Mrs Harry Bennet.
2.All right, ladies and gentlemen. Please take your places. The wedding ceremony is about to begin.
3.The guests are waiting. Toms about to open the doors.
4.The chairman is about to resign.
5.They are just about to leave.
6.He is on the point of leaving the country.
7.The sun is on the point of rising.
5.1 .So now Im taking a flight on Monday instead. /
2.When are Susan and Harry picking you up, Marilyn? - Theyre coming at six tomorrow morning, so we can get an early start.
3.Alexandras coming over to help me study for my math final.
4.When are they coming? - Tomorrow. Harry has an account to work on today. *
5.Ill be at the construction site tomorrow. What are you doing tomorrow night? -1
am not doing anything.
6. we picking him up at the station?
7.Shes going to a fashion show here in the city tomorrow.
6.1.He is going to be in New York tomorrow to interview applicants for admission.
2.Im going to show him the photos on Monday morning. I cant wait.
3.Youre right. Well do it. Im going to talk to Daddy about it right now.
4.Hes going to tell us tonight about the job offer.
5.Whos going to be at the party?
6.1 m going to send you a reporter this morning to interview you.
7.He is going to be working with you for a while. His experiments will be valuable to both of us.
7.1.How is he, Philip? - Hes asleep. Hes going to be fine.
2.Tom, youre going to win. I know it.
3.1 like her. Im going to miss her when she goes back to Greece.
4.Youre going to be a great success.
5.Youre sure Alexandras going to be surprised.
6.You are not going to be able to move after this and the aerobic class.
7.He is going to love your work.
8.1.1 think youre going to be very happy with us.
2.1 hope Grandfathers going to like living with us. -1 think he will.
3.1 have a feeling its going to be too late when I do remember.
4.And you never know what the man from The New York Times is going to say about.
5.So what do you think youre going to do?
6.1 think were going to be good friends.
7. Well, Ill try to arrange the schedule, Dr. Stewart. But its not going to be easy.
9.1.(The doorbell rings). Ill get it.
2.Well, thats done. Shall we go?
3.(He gets up to leave). Ill phone you.
4.Come on out to the patio. Well talk about it out there.
5.Where will we put all the presents?
6.11 have vanilla ice cream.
7.Michelle, can I help you with the lemonade? - No, thank you. Ill wait for my father.
lO.LDont worry. Shell be fine.
2.Youll feel better tomorrow, Betty, believe me. Only one day, and it wont hurt as much.
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