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Практический курс английского языка - Камянова Т.

Камянова Т. Практический курс английского языка — М.: Дом Славянской Книги, 2005. — 384 c.
ISBN 5-85550-177-9
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«But who are you who has ttie power of life and death?»
«It is not the most important question now. I am asking you again - do you agree?»
«I agree!» exclaimed the student.
It was about the noon of the next day that the goldsmith Adrian Wenzel sold the most beautiful watch in the town. Theophan got his money and went to Thyrza. She was sitting at the window, pale and sad. Her eyes asked Nm what had happened the evening before, and he had to tell her as much as he could about the watch and about the agreement. After some time Thyrza said:
«It's strange, but I can also tell you a story about one watch.»
«Which one?»i asked Theophan.
«You see, I didn't sleep well last night. I was thinking about you. Well, you know, I have forgiven you. And then I don't know why an idea to buy a beautiful watch came to my mind. So this morning I went out, and I saw the watch of my dream at our neighbour's shop. At Adrian Wenzel's.»
«And - you - you!»
«I bought it!»
«No - ho!» exclaimed Theophan, «you couldn't do so!» «But why?» said Thyrza. «What happened?*
«It's nothing - nothing, dearest Thyrza. I don't feel good. I am ill. I must go now. But I will return soon*. «I couldn't,* thought he as he left her, «I couldn't tell her the truth.* On the next day both of them died.
to wear (wore, worn) - быть одетым {eo что-л.),
носить (одежду) to steal (stole, stolen) - воровать, красть to part - расстаться, разлучать(ся) to exclaim - восклицать
Co whisper ['wisps] - говорить июпотом, шептать to wind [wamd] (wound, wound) to die [dai] - умереть
Nouns a bank - берег (реки) a river - река a suit [sjut] - костюм a hat - шапка, шляпа a diamond - алмаз, бриллиант a thief [Girf] - вор виться, заводить(часы) an owner ['эипэ] - владелец, собственник a wedding - свадьба, бракосочетание
to agree (with smb / on smth) - соглашаться (с кем-л/чем-л.) a condition - условие
to disappear - исчезать, скрываться, пропадать a sunset - заход солнца, закат
to notice - замечать, обращать внимание a statue ['staetju:] - статуя
to move [ma-v] - двигаться), передвигаться), переезжать a sculptor ['skAlpto] - скульптор
to rain (it is raining) - идти (о дожде) (идет дождь) to mean (meant, meant) - означать, иметь в виду to prolong - продлевать, отсрочить to sell (sold, sold) - продавать
Adjectives magic - волшебный, магический bright - яркий, блестящий enough [і W] - достаточный serious ['sianas] - серьезный dear - дорогой, милый marble - мраморный
Pronouns each other - друз друга(-у, -ом) both [Ьэив] - оба Prapositionen within • в течение like - как, подобно
a dream - сон, мечта an agreement - договор, соглашение a goldsmith - ювелир a power [раиэ] - сила, власть death [de6] - смерть
Adverbs anyway - так или иначе outdoors - на свежем воздухе, на улице at once - сразу Expressions K seems to те - мне кажется to pull smb by the sleeve - потянуть кого-л. за рукав to think smth over - обдумать что-л. on the one hand, on the other hand -
с одной стороны, с другой стороны to break an agreement - нарушить договор to be ill - быть больным
13.1 Передайте данные высказывания в косвенной речи и переведите их на русский язык. Обратите внимание, что при переводе придаточных предложений на русский язык, правила согласования времен учитываются:
e.g. My friend said, «I am glad to see you.» - Мой друг сказал: «Я рад вас видеть». My friend said that he was glad to see us. - Мой друг сказал, что ом рад нас видеть.
My friend said,
1. «I am tired today.» 2. «Мах is not right.» 3. «My favourite song is «Strawberry fields» by Beatles.» 4. «My brother is very talented.» 5. «I am proud of my brother.* 6. «It is late to go anywhere.» 7. «You are very pale.» 8. «My apartment isn't very small.» 9. «I don't eat asparagus.» 10. «I eat only twice a day.» 11. «1 like to stay here.» 12. «I don't know these people.» 13. «This waiter has a good memory.* 14.«Unfortunately I don't travel much.» 15. «I weigh 82 kilograms.» 16. «My mother always encourages те.» 17. «I always follow my parents' advice.» 18. «I found my driving licence yesterday.» 19. «Two days ago I hurt my leg.» 20. «I went to the doctor immediately.)) 21. «Last week I got a letter from America.» 22. «I'll stay at home tomorrow.» 23. «ГІІ eat nothing for dinner tonight.» 24. «1'Il explain to you my idea later.» 25. «I will hope for the better.» 26. «1 wiH drive you home.» 27. «I have never been to Spain.» 28. «This book of poetry has already appeared.* 29. «I haven't enjoyed a new play.» 30. «Something has happened to my colleague.» 31. «I must help my colleague.» 32. «I can't afford dinner at this restaurant.» 33. «I am going to invite my cousin to the party, but I can't find him anywhere.» 34. «ПІ go to the country on Sunday if the weather is good.» 35. «I am sure it is a mistake to eat a heavy lunch.» 36. «I think you are not right to eat meat.*
13.2 Переведите следующие высказывания в косвенную речь по данному образцу: e.g. I said, «I am not hungry:» - I thought you said that you were hungry.
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