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Новейшая история Англии - Трухановский В.Г.

Трухановский В.Г. Новейшая история Англии. Под редакцией Полтавского М. — М.: Социально-экономической литературы, 1958. — 592 c.
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Список основной литературы и источников
Citrine W. The Trade Union Movement of Great Britain. Amsterdam 1926. Clapham J. H. An Economic History of Modern Britain (1820—1929), vol. 3.
Cambridge 1938. Clark C. Welfare and Taxation. Oxford 1954.
Clarke J. Local Government of the United Kingdom. London 1939. Clayton J. The Rise and Decline of Socialism in Great Britain. 1884—1924. London 1926.
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Coates W. P. and Z. K. A History of Anglo-Soviet Relations. London 1943. Coates W. P. Russia's Counterclaims. London 1924.
Coates W. P. The Tories and Russian Trade. How the policy of the Conservative Government has hampered British trade with Russia. London 1929.
Coates W. P. Why Anglo-Russian diplomatic relations should be restored. London 1928.
CoatmanJ. Years of Destiny. India 1926—1932. London 1932. Cole G. D. H. British trade unionism to-day. London 1939. Cole G. D. H. Fabian Socialism. London 1943. Cole G. D. H. Facts for Socialists. London 1949.
Cole G. D. H. A History of the Labour Party from 1914. London 1948. Cole G. D. H. The Intelligent Man's Guide to the Post-War World. London 1948.
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Cole G. D. H. The Next Ten Years in British Social and Economic Policy.
London 1930. Cole G. D. H. The People's Front, London 1937.
Cole G. D. H. A Short History of the British Working-Class Movement.
1789—1947. London 1948. Cole G.D. H. and Postgate R. The Common People. 1746—1938. London 1938. Cole M. Growing Up into Revolution. London 1949.
The Colonial Problem. A Report by a Study group of Members of the Royal
Institute of International Affairs. London 1937. Commanger H. S. The Story of The Second World War. Boston 1945. Communist Party of Great Britain. Crisis of Britain and the British Empire.
London 1953.
Communist Party of Great Britain. Sedition Bill Exposed. London 1934. Compton M. British Industry. Its changing structure in peace and war. London 1940.
Coupland R. Indian Politics. 1936—1942. Report on the Constitutional
Problem of India. London—New York 1943. Court W. H. B. A Concise economic History of Britain. From 1750 to recent
times. Cambridge 1954. Groner, F. Sturm uber England! Die Schicksalskrise des britischen Weltreichs. Berlin 1926. Crook W. H. The General Strike. A Study of Labour's Tragic Weapon in
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Mirror. London 1953. Daniels G. W. and Campion H. The Distribution of the National Capital.
Manchester 1936. Davenport N. The Vested Interests in a Common Pool. London 1942. Davies E. «National» Capitalism. The Government's record as protector of
private monopoly. London 1939. Davis F. and Lindley E. R. How War Came. New York 1942. Dennison S. The Location of Industry and the Depressed Areas. London 1939.
Список основной литературы и источников
Denny L. We Fight for Oil. New York — London 1928.
Derry T K. and Jarman T. L. The Making of Modern Britain. London 1956.
Dietz F. A Political and Social History of England. New York 1928.
Dobb ikf. Studies in the Development of Capitalism. London 1947.
Dulles J. F. War or Peace. New York 1950.
Dumaine J. Quai D'Orsay (1945—1951). Paris 1955.
Dutt R. P. Democracy and Fascism. A reply to the Labour Manifesto on
«Democracy versus Dictatorship)). London 1933. Dutt R. P. Britain in the World Front. London 1942. Dutt R. P. Fascism and Social Revolution. Calcutta 1946. Dutt R. P. For a United Communist Party. London 1935. Dutt R. P. A Guide to the Problem of India. London 1942. Dutt R. P. Socialism and the Living Wage. London 1927. Dutt R. P. World Politics: 1918—1936. New York 1936. Eaton J. Economics of War and Peace. London 1952.
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Feiling K. A History of England. From the Coming of the English to 1918. London 1950.
Felton M. Civilian Supplies in War-Time Britain. London 1945. 50 Facts About Britain's War Effort. New York 1944. Fitzgerald P. Industrial Combination in England. London 1927. Fitzsimons M. A. The Foreign Policy of the British Labour Government.
1945—1951. Notre Dame 1953. Flanders A. The System of Industrial Relations in Great Britain. Oxford 1954. Florense P.S. Economics of Fatigue and Unrest and the Efficiency of Labour
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