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Новейшая история Англии - Трухановский В.Г.

Трухановский В.Г. Новейшая история Англии. Под редакцией Полтавского М. — М.: Социально-экономической литературы, 1958. — 592 c.
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Список основной литературы и источников
Memorandum on production and trade, 1923 to 1928,29. Geneva 1930. Milne-Bailey W. Trade Union documents. London 1929. Minutes of Evidence taken before the Royal Commission on the private manufacture of and trading in arms. London 1935—1936. Monthly Bulletin of Statistics. August 1954. New York 1954. Monthly Digest of Statistics № 74. February 1952. London 1952. Monthly Digest of Statistics. June 1952. London.
National Minority Movement. Executive Committee. The crisis of the trade
unionism. London 1927. National Minority Movement. Report of National Minority Conference held
August 23 and 24, 1924. London 1924. National Minority Movement. What is this Minority Movement. London
National Minority Movement. What is rationalisation? London 1928. Nicolson M. and others. Germany and Rhineland. A record of the proceedings
of the three meetings held at Chatham House on March 18-th, 25-th
and April 2-nd, 1936. London 1936. North Atlantic Treaty. 1949. Documents prepared by the Staff of the Senate
Foreign Relations Committee. Washington 1949. Now for Action! The Policy of the National Minority Movement. A Report of
the Sixth Annual Conference. September 1929. London 1929. Papers of the Royal Commission on Population, vol. 1—5. London 1950. Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States. Paris Peace
Conference, vol. I—XL Washington 1942—1947. The Parliamentary Debates. House of Commons. 1918—1951. London. People Speak... London 1941. Peoples Convention. London 1941.
Pollitt H. Selected articles and speeches, vol. 1—2. London 1953—1954.
PrittD. N. A Call to the People. A Manifesto of the People's Vigilance Committee. London 1940.
Raid on Arcos Ltd. and the trade delegation of the USSR. Facts and Documents. London 1927.
Reconstruction. A Report by the Federation of British Industries. London. 1942.
Report of the Commission for the Special Areas in Scotland. Edinburgh 1938. Report of the Commissioner for the Special Areas (England and Wales). London 1936.
Records of the Conference for the Reduction and Limitation of Armaments.
Minutes of the General Commission, vol. II. Geneva 1935. Report of the Forty-Ninth Annual Conference of the Labour Party. London
Report of the Forty-Sixth Annual Conference of the Labour Part v. London 1948.
Report of Proceedings at the 82-nd Annual Trade Union Congress. London 1950.
Report of the Royal Commission on the Coal Industry (1925). London 1926.
Report of Special Conference of Executive Committees. April 29—May 1, 1926. London 1926.
Report on Organisation, presented by the party commission to the annual conference of the Communist Party of Great Britain. October 7-th, 1922. London 1922.
Royal Commission on the Coal Industry, vol. 1, 3. London 1926.
Secret Session speeches delivered bv the Right Hon. Winston S. Churchill to the House of Commons. 1940—1943. London 1946.
A selection of papers dealing with the relations between His Majesty's Government and the Soviet Government (1921—1927). London 1927.
Список основной литературы и источников
Simon J. Three Speeches on the General Strike. London 1926.
Speeches and documents of the Sixth (xManchester) Conference of the
Communist Party of Great Britain. May 17, 18 and 19, 1924.
London 1924.
Statement on Personal Incomes, Costs and Prices. Presented by the Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury to Parliament...February 1948. London 1948.
Statistical Abstract for the British Empire. 1924—1930. London 1932. Statistical Abstract for the British Empire № 68 (1929—1938). London 1939.
Statistical Abstract for the United Kingdom for each of the fifteen years
1913 and 1918 to 1931 № 76. London 1933. Statistical Digest of the War. London 1951.
Statistical Tables Relating to British and Foreign Trade and Industry
(1924—1930). Pt. I—II. London 1931. Statutory Rules and Orders, 1940. № 1305. Condition of Employment and
National Arbitration. London 1950. Supplies and Services. The Industrial Disputes Order, 1951. London 1951. Towards a National Policy. Being a national labour contribution. London
Treaty of Alliance and Mutual Assistance between His Majesty in Respect of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the President of the French Republic. Dunkirk 1947.
The Trial of German Major War Criminals before the International Military Tribunal, vol. I— XLII. Niirenberg 1947.
Whitaker J. An Almanac. 1948—1951. London.
Victory, Peace, Security. Report of the Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist Party. Oct. 28—30, 1944. London 1944.
Берти Ф. Л. За кулисами Антанты. Дневник британского посла в Париже, 1914—1919. М.—Л. 1927.
Ллойд-Джордж Д. Военные мемуары. Т. 1—6. М. 1934—1937.
Николъсон Г. Как делался мир в 1919 г. М. 1945.
Торез М. Сын народа. (Автобиография.) М. 1950.
Черчилль У. Мировой кризис. М. 1931.
А тегу L. S. My Political Life, vol. II—III. London 1955.
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