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Документы жизни и деятельности семьи Нобель том 3 - Мелуа А.И

Мелуа А.И Документы жизни и деятельности семьи Нобель том 3 — Гуманистика , 2011. — 481 c.
ISBN 5-86050-341-5
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Diagram of the device to determine the horizon of water on the bottom of the tank
The company conducts informational, methodological and advisory work to improve the competitiveness and investment potential of companies and organizations in the region.
The metrological base of FSI Test-St. Petersburg includes 17 working etalons of physical units, and more than 300 standard measurement devices. Each year the Center inspects some 2XA million devices, including more than 200,000 from other regions.
New kinds of metrological services include certification of measuring software, information measuring systems, software and hardware (including lottery equipment). Much attention is paid to energy conservation - including testing and calibration of heat, energy, water, gas and petroleum meters. FSI Test-St. Petersburg incorporates the Regional Center of Metrological Compliance Assessment for Nanotechnology and Nanoproducts in the Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation.
FSI Test-St. Petersburg has two internationally recognized large testing laboratories, largest of their kind in Russia. These laboratories annually conduct more than 20,000 tests.
Over the past several years the Center significantly expanded the scope of laboratory tests for food products and raw materials, with more than 70 new types of tests, such as defining histological parameters and types of meat and meat products, finding genetically modified components in food products and raw materials, determining product DNA, and the content of vitamins, micro- and macronutrients. The laboratory is licensed to assess the products of companies seeking to become purveyors to the Moscow Kremlin.
There were as many as 40 new products added to the list of consumer goods, industrial products and medical equipment products tested in the Center, including tests in such new areas of activity as electrical energy quality and occupational health attestation. In 1998 the Laboratory was recognized as a part of the International System of Electrotechnical Product Certification, introduced by the International Electrotechnical Commission Network and has been providing assistance in managing international trade of household electric products. In cooperation with VDE German Institute ofTesting and Certification, FSI Test-St. Petersburg opened a new VDE Representative Office in Russia. This cooperation project allows businesses in the city and the region to mark their products with EU compliance certificates on preferential terms.
Federal State Institution Test St. Petersburg has been working on assessing competences of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in the sphere of technical regulation in part of developing a regional system of tests in the field of occupational safety, environmental protection and health. The Center has also been actively involved in ensuring proper functioning of the system of conformity, including certification of testing laboratories and certification bodies.
One of the key areas of the Center’s activities is to involve businesses and organizations in the work to introduce innovative methods of quality management at an annual competition for the Quality Prize awarded by the Government of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region Government. Award winners have proven their reputation as reliable suppliers of high quality competitive products and services.
FSI Test-St. Petersburg has helped create a multilevel system of training of quality professionals. The program provides regular courses in quality management in high schools. Quality Management programs have been introduced in more than 30 universities of the city, where students major in quality management, standardization, certification and measurement uniformity. Several leading experts of the Center formed departments of quality management at St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, St. Petersburg State University of Service and Economics and St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Engineering. The Institute Of Quality Management was founded in 2004. The Institute provides preservice and in-service training in the field of technical regulations, standardization, conformity assessment, measurement uniformity, accreditation of testing laboratories, management systems, and health and safety. Many employees of FSI Test-St. Petersburg are employed in various universities of the city.
Using its entire rich scientific, technological and human potential, the Center has been actively and successfully involved in implementing federal, state and city programs of economy modernization, promotion of innovations and improvement of quality of life in Russia.
The principles set out and embodied in the life of the Nobel dynasty serve an important guide in the process of solving these problems. Being talented entrepreneurs and engineers, the Nobels had used a comprehensive and systematic approach to implementing all their projects. That was why they had placed a strong emphasis on the unity of measurements and quality assessment as an integral part of their systemic approach to doing business. These issues were not simply attended to; they were formulated as guidance documents enforced on all enterprises of the Nobels. The Nobel Family developed an effective system of regulating their business in accordance with a set of common standards. It was one of the key components of the successful business of the Nobel dynasty in Russia.
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